Past. Present. Future.

Handing it on. Not over.

What we do.


Based out of Rockhampton, in the heart of prime cattle country, we help farming families from across Queensland and further afield succeed at succession.


We provide a structured, proven, pragmatic and prioritised approach which deals with both the 'head' and the 'heart' and breaks down the complexities into a series of manageable steps with definite outcomes in a reasonable timeframe.

Our succession program helps to provide clarity, encourages understanding and motivates families to logically step through the following transitions:  


  • Personal transition

  • Business transition

  • Asset transition 

  • Retirement transition 

  • Legacy transition

Our approach is caring, supportive, professional and confidential and, because succession is a journey, not a destination, we’re here for the long haul to help you stay on track and take on new challenges.

Why families choose us.


Families choose to work with us because we understand that transitioning between generations is a huge life change that requires careful thought and planning far beyond financial considerations.


We assist farming families across rural and regional Queensland to transform their fears and challenges into a positive vision so that they can plan for the future, grow their businesses, manage change, create security and transition more confidently and successfully - all while staying friends.


We help farming families to deal successfully with both the 'hard' and 'soft' issues involved in transitioning between generations and motivate them to expand their thinking about what's possible.

We understand that succession is not a destination but a journey and what is required to achieve a successful outcome. We work with you and your trusted advisers to create clear objectives, cost effective solutions and definite results within realistic timeframes.


agvance is widely considered as a leader in family farm succession and transition and renowned for solving the big problems by combining traditional values and forward thinking. 

How we work with you.


We always begin with a conversation. We listen and we ask questions. Some of these questions can be quite challenging - designed to move you out of your comfort zone and prepare you both emotionally and intellectually for succession. 


Our approach is supportive, professional and confidential. We’ll dare you to dream, to live bolder and follow your heart - all the while making sure that you remain grounded and fully consider any financial, legal and business implications.

We invest the time upfront to make sure we get the foundations rights and then we work with you to co-create a personalised program to help you navigate your future life and transform your fears and challenges into a positive vision so you can transition with confidence.

We work together so that your transition is a planned, proactive and positive experience.

We aspire to build meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients to help them gain clarity, confidence and control over their lives and businesses.

We adapt to your busy schedule - keeping an eye on the big picture, while taking care of the details. When concerns and uncertainty arise, we’re here to provide assurance and confidence.

You can engage with our full succession program or choose which transition area you wish to focus on - it's up to you. We prefer to see you 'on-farm' but have visited offices across rural and regional Queensland to accommodate your family circumstances.

Personal transition.


An essential first step in your succession journey.

We help you deal with both the 'head' and the 'heart'.

  • Improving communication

  • Starting the succession conversation

  • Preparing for succession

  • Exploring options

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities

  • Minimising conflict

  • Promoting generational understanding

  • Mentoring for future leadership

  • Defining positive personal, business and family goals

  • Creating purpose and meaning beyond full-time work

  • Protecting family values and maintaining harmony

  • Maintaining the family legacy

Business transition.


Building something that lasts doesn't happen by accident.

We help you make the right decisions for your future and for the future of your business: 

  • Transitioning management and leadership

  • Determining suitable structures

  • Managing the restructuring process

  • Protecting assets

  • Mitigating risk

  • Dealing with taxation and legal issues

  • Distributing equity

  • Reducing potential liabilities  

  • Ensuring business viability and sustainability

  • Managing growth and development

Asset transition.


For generations to come.

We help you transfer assets at the right time and in the right way.

  • Creating security for both generations

  • Creating fairness

  • Extracting liquidity

  • Changing ownership and control

  • Determining suitable timeframes and ownership structures

  • Dealing with taxation and legal issues

  • Determining transfer mechanisms

  • Addressing off-farm family and estate issues

  • Protecting assets

  • Restructuring debt

  • Growing or selling

Retirement transition.


Redefining retirement.

We help the current owners plan a rewarding personal transition to a meaningful retirement after full-time work.

  • Creating financial security

  • Investing off-farm

  • Discovering meaning, purpose and identity beyond work

  • Promoting independence

  • Determining suitable retirement structures

  • Superannuating (including self managed super)

  • Planning for aged care

  • Dealing with centrelink

Legacy transition.


Much more than just a will.

We help you achieve what matters to you most.

  • Creating equality and fairness

  • Securing your wishes

  • Reducing conflict

  • Dealing with tax and legal issues

  • Mitigating risks

  • Protecting assets and legacies

  • Creating certainty and clarity

Who do we work with.


There is no such thing as a typical client.

Our clients come from all walks of life, for all industries and from across Queensland. From mum and dad operations to some of Australia's largest family owned farming and agricultural businesses - every client, regardless of size, truly matters and is important to us.

Though diverse, our clients are united by the challenges that come from successfully transitioning between generations.

Planned. Proactive. Positive.

Traditional values. Forward thinking.

Reach out.


Whether you are planning for succession or just want a chat, agvance is here to help.

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