Handing it on.

Not over.®


Traditional values. Forward thinking.

Based out of Rockhampton, in the heart of prime cattle country, we help farming families of all shapes and sizes across Queensland and further afield to succeed at succession.


We help families to transform their fears and challenges into a positive vision so that they can plan for the future, grow their businesses, manage change, create security, and transition more confidently and successfully - all while staying friends.


We understand that succession is not a destination but a journey and what is required to achieve a successful outcome. We work with you and your trusted advisers to create clear objectives, cost effective solutions, and definite results within realistic timeframes.


We are widely considered as a leader in family farm succession and renowned for solving the big problems by combining traditional values and forward thinking. 



Services we provide

Our full service offering is hallmarked by discretion and guided first and foremost by what matters most to your family.

We help families start the succession conversation.

Getting started.

We help families to create viable businesses and lives. Together.

Growing together.

We help families to think outside the box and challenge the accepted wisdom.

Exploring options.

We help families to protect what matters most to them.

Protecting loved ones.

We help families to create fairness between generations and off-farm family.

Creating fairness.

We help families to work through their problems.

Trying again.

How can we help you?


Families choose to work with us because we understand that transitioning between generations is a huge life change that requires careful thought and planning far beyond financial considerations.

Our easy-to-understand process takes the uncertainty out of succession planning, leaving you with peace of mind for the future. Protect your loved ones and your legacy.

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We are based out of Rockhampton in Central Queensland.

We are available on and off-farm across Queensland and further afield.

You can contact us by emailing or by phoning us on 0439 006 095.

Handing it on.

Not over. ®

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