Agvance Farming


AgVance Farming Pty Ltd was launched in 1999 by 13 progressive farming enterprises operating in the southern half of the Liverpool Plains in Northern New South Wales.

The company was formed to take its members beyond the conventional and establish them at the cutting edge of agriculture.

The group has grown from this base to now encompass 21 businesses and around 40,000 ha of cropping country, plus substantial amounts of grazing country.

Members operate enterprises ranging in size from 800 to 9000 hectares. Member’s farms are located in the Liverpool Plains Shire in an area bounded by Quirindi, Spring Ridge, Premer, Blackville and Willow Tree.

The predominant soil types are fertile, self mulching black and chocolate clay loams. High yielding crops are produced using mainly dryland no-till and response cropping techniques. A small area is irrigated using either flood furrow or centre pivot systems.

The main crops produced are grain sorghum, wheat, barley, canola and sunflowers. Secondary crops grown include corn, cotton, faba beans, chick peas, triticale and oats.

AgVance Farming Pty Ltd is a private limited company.

Each member has a voice in the organisation and is critical in its development and success.

Information Transfer

The great strength of AgVance Farming is interaction with enthusiastic farmers. Extending our knowledge takes place in various forms:

Weekly Newsletter—our most frequent form of communication which comes out by email to all members and is available on our website. The newsletter is quick and easy to read, containing relevant information about cropping and pasture, forthcoming meeting dates and general member information.

Business and Farm Tours—being a part of regular tours of farms within our group allows you to see and talk about topical issues. Since its inception, AgVance Farming has conducted an annual tour where you travel to other farming regions and is designed to challenge and stimulate our individual farming businesses.

Field Days—are conducted covering a wide range of topics including trials, cropping techniques, precision agriculture, soils, machinery, technology and marketing.

Meetings– regularly held throughout the year. These often include one or more guest speakers talking on a current issue focusing towards achieving our core objectives and are of both a business and social nature.

Post Season Meetings—Members crop details are collected and collated for group comparison.

Website— has been developed for members to access the various reports, trial results, newsletters etc and to use as a gateway to the more useful agricultural related sites such as the weather.

Key Objectives

  • To keep informed of technical developments, particularly in regards to current and improving technologies within the grain and cotton farming systems.
  • To generate interaction between grain, oilseed and fibre growers, our consultants and advisors, and thus facilitating an increased information sharing and up-skilling of the members of the group.
  • To value add to research undertaken by GRDC, CRDC and other organisations, ground truth research results in a local context and distribute the findings to growers. 
  • To increase the overall farm productivity of all growers through the use of crop rotations plus regular objective analysis and comparison of operations and economics.
  • To build on the resources available to grain and fibre growers in the Upper Namoi and Liverpool Plains region through the information sharing activities and networking with other members.


Advancing agriculture through consultation and co -operation with fellow farmers and agricultural specialists.

We are striving to improve grain and fibre yields and quality, increase cropping frequency, reliability and hence profitability, whilst employing sustainable and enduring farming practices which guarantee maximum protection for our farms and the environment.

Key People

Network Development Officer - Katie Slade

Office Administrator - Natalie Eade

Chairman - David Ronald        

Directors - David Ronald, Ian Carter, Phil Whillock, David McGavin