AgVance Farming 


Angus Duddy- Director/Chairman

I am a farmer and grazier based upon the Liverpool Plains 50kms west of Quirindi. Upon finishing boarding school I undertook a degree in Agricultural Science which after the first year developed into Farm Business Management Uni Syd Orange Campus. One year was taken in the middle to do a mustering season in the Victoria River District of the Northern Territory.

After completing this degree I returned home. At that point we were still running a conventional farming system on various widths growing wheat, barley and sorghum. I was at an advantage that my father was open to the idea of conserving moisture however the reliance on chemical was then and still is now a topic of frustration!

I was lucky enough at college to visit Tom Woods property Billa Billa at Goondiwindi and realised that a zero till control traffic system would enhance our production sustainable into the future. We now have a system based around a controlled 12M 3M system. The property consists of a balance of 65% farming with the balance grazing for the domestic and export meat processing markets.

I now live with my partner Jaimie who too is actively involved in the running of the business and my mother and father are still on farm.

AgVance allowed me to interact socially and at a business level with people who think outside the paradigms placed on agriculture. I consider it an honour to chair a group of people with such a desire to excel both economically and sustainably. My desire to join this group was based on the understanding that the members within this organisation offer an open book to the way there production systems continue to successfully produce under season adversities.

For me the direct involvement and implementation of these systems drew me to the group. More recently the affiliation with the Upper Namoi Cotton growers has made the depth within this organisation even better to continue to sustainably produce fibres, grains and meats into the future.

Kelly Barwick- Director

I was born in Manly, and we moved to Quirindi when I was very young. At that time my mother's family had properties at Merriwa, Blackville, and later Breeza. My father was born in Wellington, New Zealand whom came to Australia when he was eighteen, and stayed permanently. His immediate family are all now in Christchurch, and the extended family are scattered throughout the north and south isles.

I attended Pre-School and St. Joseph's Primary, both in Quirindi, and finished my schooling at Calrossy, in Tamworth. I considered a career in Childcare, but accepted a trainee-ship with NAB instead. This took me to Narromine, meeting Geoff just before I moved.

When my trainee-ship was completed, I transferred back to Tamworth and then later to Willow Tree branch. Sometime after Geoff and I married, I resigned from NAB to start our family, which prospered with our three daughters, Chloe, Grace, and Tara.

AgVance Marketing


Jackie Crossing- Administration


Stuart Dolbel – Broker

Hailing from NNSW Stuart has over 25 years experience in Agribusiness which includes roles in Ag Retail, Grain Accumulation, Grain Trading and for the last 10 years Grain Brokerage.

This cross section of industry experience has created a unique skill set which helps in the interpretation of complex grain markets. Stuart has completed training in global grain analysis, futures and options, currency trading and is a confessed spreadsheet junkie. As AgVance Marketing manager this gives members access to prices from all the major consumers of grain across the east coast and access to important market analysis on a daily basis.